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Limousine Service Rental And Luxury Vehicles Within The USA

Business Trips

Turn work travel into a unique situation where you have a close and friendly framework to can begin negotiations with your clients.

With us, your image, presence, and punctuality will be impeccable, leave your transfers in our hands and devote your time to the business.

Driver Hire

Your company has company vehicles but needs drivers need for a special occasion.

Count on our professionals to drive and take care of your vehicles with the same reliability and dedication as your workforce.

Have a driver with the minimum cost for your organization.

Scheduled Visits

Many times your schedule prevents you from receiving your guests with the friendship that they deserve. We can represent you and accompany your guests with our warm and professional service. And even offer a guided tour of the city to adjust the time to your needs.

Airport Transfers, Railway Stations

This service is usually from the airport to the city center or vice versa. In these services, after requesting the flight number and telephone number of the passenger, we monitor the flight status so that we can anticipate possible delays or anticipations. The contact information (name and telephone number) is always provided to the customer upon prior reservation of the service. Who will wait on arrivals with a sign with the name of the passenger?

Similarly, the transfer service to railway stations is similar to the airport, where the passenger’s information is requested (Train number, passenger name, timetable, telephone,). As in airports, our drivers will wait for the customer with a sign with theirs.

Congress and Events

Management tools into the hands of professionals are at its best at significant events, where the precise moment is a guaranteed success.We have a Projects department exclusively dedicated to an advisory, from the necessary official authorizations to transport customization, signage, and itineraries. Always at your side for any need arising.…


Global Management Of Rental With Driver


We organize tasks, planning, and monitoring of the movements, allowing you to optimize your resources and simplify tasks centralizing everything to a single supplier.

We are supported by extensive experience and countless satisfied customers and organizers. Count on consistent, reliable service performed by the best specialists in transport.

Moving groups

Regardless of the number of attendees, Limousine CC provides adequate transportation to meet the demands of each event.

Deluxe minibuses with every comfort, to transfers in conventional coaches.

We take care of the minimum detail for each attendee to feel special. Our professionals always know how to live up to the occasion.


Exclusive vehicles for notable stars. Our professionals will ensure that their guests receive the best attention and retain pleasant memories of their stay, providing the necessary protocol.

We are used to meeting the highest demands.