When the time comes for a big event, there are a million details that need to be arranged; each with their own specific areas of concern. When you’re planning for a large event such as a wedding, bachelor party, corporate event or even a major sporting event, it’s important to do your homework when selecting a local limousine service. In fact, even if you’re just arranging a limo service for a night out on the town, the task can be daunting if you don’t know what questions to ask and how to negotiate the best price.

In many instances, and especially if you are in a smaller area, your choices can be limited but when you’re in a large city like New York, or in a tourist destination like West Palm Beach, Florida, the choices are abundant. This can cause a lot of confusion and anxiety for the person planning the event.

Here are some basic tips to help alleviate the stressful nature of the job and get you started toward finding a good fit. Below are some suggestions for finding a limo service that suits your needs:

  1. Ask friends and family for a recommendation on a service they have used
  2. Put a post on Facebook asking locals for a recommendation
  3. Go to Yelp and search for companies in your city with good reviews
  4. Use Google to find local companies with good reviews
  5. As co-workers at your place of employment
  6. Look to your local Better Business Bureau
  7. Search Facebook for companies that look reputable

Finally, one of the most logical ways to find a great company is to get on the phone and talk to 5-6 different local limousine services. This is the best way to gauge how they treat their customers and what kind of service you can expect.

When calling a service, you want to ask:

  1. What is their minimum service period. Most have a 4-5 hour minimum
  2. How old their are their vehicles
  3. If their drivers are knowledgeable on the local roadways
  4. If you can come by to see the exact vehicle you want and insure that is the vehicle you will get on the day of your event
  5. If they provide basic refreshment and what you can bring
  6. For an all inclusive price and what the standard tip is (usually 20%)
  7. To be on time

Solid limousine service providers won’t mind you asking numerous questions and will be glad to answer. Be weary of a company that has no patience for your inquiries as they will be the ones to show up late or not at all. Reputable companies that have high regard for their customers like one our favorites, limo service West Palm Beach will be professional and understand the important of your special event.

There are some amazing limo companies out there and some really poor ones too. Look for friendly companies that are receptive to your calls and inquiries and want your business. The best companies understand that once they’ve earned your business, you will be a customer for life and it is in their best interest to make sure you are happy not only with their office staff, but by your limousine driver as well.

Good luck!

Post Script: Since we posted this, we realized we had not provided any additional information on one of our favorite service for limousine rental that we referenced above so we though we would add their website which you can find below. We are frequent travelers to South Florida and specifically West Palm Beach where we vacation in the winter. We highly recommend their services and when you call ask for Don. They will take great care of you and mention their website when you call: http://www.dignitaryservices.com

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  1. This was a good articles. The way we found our current corporate limo service was to look at what the local sports teams were using. More often than not, they work with the best providers with the newest and cleanest vehicles. Just a tip! Thank you!

  2. This was a good read. We have a wedding coming up followed by a graduation. Thank you for posting!

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