So you ask; “how do I get the best limousine out there?”

The answer is simple; go directly to the limousine service you are working with and ask to see the exact limousine they will be providing for the quoted price.

Many limousine companies buy new and updated limos on a yearly basis, but many others let their inventory grow old.

You want the limo service with the newest, coolest and most pristine luxury vehicles you can get. After all, they are charging you top dollar for a few hours in their car.

So, as folks who spend our lives in and around the limousine industry, as mentioned before, the best way to know what you’re getting, is to go directly to the limo service and ask to see the car, bus, stretch limo, etc. that you’ll be renting.

Also, just to sweeten the deal, ask them what complimentary services they provide as part of your rental and if they will throw in a free hour or two if you “sign” with them.

The limo industry is very competitive and many people shop around. Tell the service that you will provide your credit card right there on the spot if they confirm the vehicle, pricing, extra hours, etc. to you.

Tell them if they provide great service that you will be a repeat customers and refer your friends to them too.

Renting a limo is a negotiation between two parties so don’t be afraid to ask for anything that comes to mind to make it happen and to get the newest and best vehicle with a few add-ons all at a great price.

You’ll be glad you did.


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