Most occasions for going out are pretty mundane — going out for dinner, grocery shopping, going to see a movie, visiting a friend, etc. Nothing too showy or extravagant, right? But there will come a time when you want to make an entrance: high school proms, weddings, birthdays — any day that you want to make your day. You cannot show up in just any old car, can you? For an event like one of these, you should arrive with style and class in a limousine.

A common misconception about limousines is that they are always sleek, long, black cars, as that is the only type of vehicle of the sort that we see in the movies. You should know that are many types and variations of limousines — you have probably seen them out and about!

Different types of limousines:

  • Executive SUV Limo — Popular for their luxuriousness, these spacious limos can seat up to seven passengers. This kind of limousine is used mostly to get people to and from airports.
  • Luxury Passenger Van — A luxury passenger van is much like an executive SUV limo, except it is considerably larger. Travel in style with wood flooring, elegant leather seats, and even a table. This vehicle can carry fourteen people.
  • Stretch Limo — A stretch limo is probably what comes to mind when one thinks of limousines. It is a classic choice for transport to and from school proms, weddings, birthday parties, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Some of its most notable features include surround sound, a bar, LCD screens, and even more. Bring eight of your friends to ride with you in a stretch limo for a night you will never forget!
  • Stretch SUV — Think of a stretch limo, but even bigger with even more benefits. A stretch SUV can seat up to fourteen people. Stretch SUVs are equipped with the same amenities as a stretch limo, as well as a strobe light, laser lights, three LCD screens, champagne (not to mention an even bigger bar!), and more.
  • Limo Bus — And, last, but certainly not least, the limo bus. If you’re planning a huge get-together, there’s no need to panic. A limo bus can usually carry up to thirty passengers. Limo buses feature beyond comfortable leather seating, privacy partitions, flat screen televisions, DVD and CD players, a full bar, and even more still. You could just have the party in the bus if you really wanted to!

How much does renting a limo cost? It all depends on the kind you select:

  • Executive SUVs — Expect starting rates of $75 and an hourly rate of $90.
  • Luxury Passenger Vans — Rates are around $132 per hour.
  • Stretch Limos — Hourly rates range from $120 to $150.
  • Stretch SUVs — Hourly rates range from $150 to $180.
  • Limo Buses — Because they’re the biggest limos available, their rates are a bit higher. Hourly service is about $240.

Renting and riding in a limousine seems quite cliché, but with all the extra space, luxurious leather seating, amenities, qualified chauffeurs, security, and just the very experience itself, it is more than worth it.